About me

How I became a...

A married thirty-something who spends days working but would rather be reading.

I love reading and writing. The combination lends itself to reviewing!

My taste in books:

Favorite authors:

Time travels are my favorite, then paranormals in general. I like and read just about anything---as long as there's a good romantic storyline for me.

I'm finding new ones every week. Jude Devereaux comes to mind.

What makes a book a keeper?

What makes me throw a book at the wall?

Strong, consistent writing and believable characters. Oh...and a hunky hero doesn't hurt!

When it's obvious no one read the book prior to publishing than the author and maybe her mom and sister--who both said it was perfect. Believe me, they're out there. Bad editing. Lack of coherence. Preaching.

My favorite genre and why?

My least favorite genre and why?

Time travel romance. Romance in general. Because I'm fascinated by other time periods. If you can love someone from the 1770s, you can love anyone...

Anything without romance.

My bathroom library:

My to be read list:

Time. Glamour.

The Great Gatsby, again.

My favorite links:

My favorite reading snack:

Ellora's Cave, eBay, anything related to archeological sites in Mexico.

A hot cappucino with whipped cream and cookies.

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