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About me

How I became a...

First and foremost I am a mom to two beautiful children (1 boy and 1 girl) and a wife to my very patient and understanding husband. I currently live in New Jersey with my husband and kids but I grew up in a small town in East Central Illinois and still go back every year to see the rest of my family. I love the small town feel and would be thrilled to move back to the mid-west someday, but for now my husband's job keeps us rooted on the East Coast. I've been artistic all my life and started out drawing and painting before discovering my love of writing I love the sounds and smells of a good summer thunder storm, hate the cold, and watch very little television. I'd much rather immerse myself in my own stories than watch somebody else's story. I tend to be a bit of a homebody and my days are mostly spent reading, writing, working (during the summer), and raising my children to the best of my abilities.

Amazingly, it began with me watching the Discovery channelís show Deadliest Catch. It sparked a story in my head that even after a few weeks hadnít went away. My husband suggested writing it down to make it go away and the rest is history. Iíve been writing ever since.

My taste in books:

Favorite authors:

Mostly romance, but I love a good comedy and even the occasional suspense.

Definitely Nora Roberts, but Iím also a big fan of Janet Evanovich and Sandra Brown

What makes a book a keeper?

What makes me throw a book at the wall?

When even days or weeks after finishing it youíre still thinking about it, wondering how the characters are doing after the story is over.

When the happily ever after isnít what it should be or isnít there at all.

My favorite genre and why?

My least favorite genre and why?

Contemporary romance. Why? Because Iím a romantic at heart and love seeing two people fall in love. A good erotic romance is great once in awhile, but thereís just nothing better than watching a relationship build between two seemingly broken souls and having them get their happily ever after.

Horror. I donít do horror movies and I donít do horror in books. In my opinion, thereís enough real life horror without adding to it.

My bathroom library:

My to be read list:

Honestly, I donít have one. I donít spend all that much time in the bathroom except to take a bath and I have a thing about my books getting soggy!

Really too long to list here. Iím always finding stories from new authors that I want to read.

My favorite links:

My favorite reading snack:


Kettle corn. Man, if Iím really engrossed in a book and not paying attention I can eat an entire bag all by myself.

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