About me

How I became a...

I'm divorced, on disability, have a passion for reading, reviewing, computers, good movies, camping, hiking, bowling and I like to fish.

Well . . . I inherited the position of Senior Publisher Liaison from my former position with Romantic Interludes and having been with several review sites, dealing with the ins and outs of the review business trained me for the position of manager so that when I was nominated and voted into the position, I accepted.

My taste in books:

Favorite authors:

I like suspense and some romance in all my books with any or all of the following elements: paranormal, science fiction, fantasy and horror. Werewolves, vampires, psychic powers, elves and other mind powers are always good too.

My favorite authors. At the moment - Laurell K. Hamilton, Therese MacFarland, Kay Hooper, Karen Slaughter, Christine Feehan and Sherrilyn Kenyon.

What makes a book a keeper?

What makes me throw a book at the wall?

A book has to touch my heart and mind for me to keep it. By this I mean that it has to make me laugh or cry, smile or tear up. I want to be able to despise the villain, desire the hero and identify with the heroine. A book should make me feel as if I'm falling into the story and becoming a part of it. It should make me feel like I don't want to put it down and when I do, feel like I can't wait to pick it back up.

I don't throw my favorite books against the wall. (Chuckling) However, if it's a mediocre book and I see a spider . . . I'll use the book to squash the spider.

My favorite genre and why?

My least favorite genre and why?

I can't pick just one. I like romance, fantasy, suspense, science fiction and horror.

Non-fiction-it's generally too dry for me unless it's something like the 'Hot Zone' or something dealing with virus stories.

My bathroom library:

My to be read list:

Whatever I'm reading at the moment

Too long to list, but anything that is newly released by Laurell K. Hamilton, Therese MacFarland, Sherrilyn Kenyon and all the electronic books that release each month.

My favorite links:

My favorite reading snack: because I bid on books I don't want to pay full price for, where I get my brand new books at a reduced price when I can't wait for them to come out on ebay.

I don't snack anymore while reading. I'm trying to loose weight. (Grin) Once in a while I might have an orange or half a turkey sandwich. However, when and if I do snack . . . I like SmartPop Whitecheese Popcorn.

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