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How I became a...

I can't remember when I became obsessed with the written word. It could have been as early as Charlotte's Web, but it has become a life-long love affair. To create worlds in my mind and to have the ability to create them on paper so that others may enter is the second greatest satisfaction I have known. The joy of raising my two boys, my greatest work in progress, is by far the first.

How I became a...writer. I think my sixth grade teacher really clinched it for me. I would turn in these little stories, The Pink Rabbit who wanted to be President, and the teacher enjoyed them so much she would let me read them to the class every Friday afternoon. Seeing the students' look of surprise or sadness or to hear them laugh out loud at my words hooked me completely.

My taste in books:

Favorite authors:

My taste in books: Historical anything, romance, adventure, thriller.

Legal thrillers, some horror, the good psychological stuff. Favorite Authors Diana Gabaldon, Sergeanne Golon, Stephen King. John Grishom, Dan Brown

What makes a book a keeper?

What makes me throw a book at the wall?

When it has touched me deeply on some level, be it emotional or intellectual

There are quite a few, perhaps too many to list, but the biggest is ridiculous dialogue; conversations that sound so fake, so forced, drive me crazy. This is the easiest part to would you actually say it, ok, write it.

My favorite genre and why?

My least favorite genre and why?

Definitely historical anything...I love to learn while I'm being entertained.

My least favorite genre and why? Murder mysteries . . . blood and gore don't thrill me plus you know that every story line is about finding the killer.

My bathroom library:

My to be read list:

Writer's Digest Magazine

I don't think this line is long enough: the whole Elizabethan series by Philippa Gregory, Benjamin Franklin by Walter Isaacson, The Legends of Arthur by Richard Barber, the next Harry Potter, Farmer Giles of Ham by J. R. R. Tolkien, Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen.

My favorite links:

My favorite reading snack: a fantastic research spot

Pistachio nuts (the already shelled kind of course)

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