About me

How I became a...

I'm single, in my thirties, enjoy reading, good movies, chatting with friends and playing pinochle.

I became a reviewer when I was searching the Internet to learn where I could download e-books. Through my search I came across some review sites and found that these review sites were looking for reviewers. I choose to review for Novelspot because it was a brand new site. Novelspot interested me because it looked to me like the management has intensions of this review site being something different than the rest of the review sites I have seen to date.

My taste in books:

Favorite authors:

I like fantasy books with elves, vampires, goblins, mind powers and other unique ideas. They should have suspense, a touch of romance, strong heroes and heroines; good plots and they need to keep me guessing.

First and foremost, Laurell K. Hamilton. However, I like Christine Feehan, Lisa Jackson, J. D. Robb a.k.a. Nora Roberts, Mercedes Lackey, Jean Lorrah and Jacqueline Lichtenberg.

What makes a book a keeper?

What makes me throw a book at the wall?

It's a keeper if the book has a good plot with characters that I can identify with. However, the book needs to make me laugh and cry or at the very least, touch me on some emotional level.

(Chuckling) I once through a book against the wall because some pigeons had roosted in the eaves above my bedroom window in the apartment I was living in when they woke me up. It wasn't a very good book anyway! However, generally as a rule I don't throw books against the wall. If I don't like a book I just don't finish it.

My Favorite Genre.

My least favorite genre and why?

I don't have one favorite genre. Instead I like my books to be cross genre or multiple genres because they tend to make for more interesting reading.

I don't like general fiction or non-fiction. They just don't satisfy me because they usually don't the elements I'm looking for in my reads.

My bathroom library:

My to be read list:

What? People read in the bathroom! I generally try to get in and out of the bathroom as fast as possible. (Chuckling) We have one bathroom and too many people living in my home to spend time reading in it.

A Stroke Of Midnight, Survivor In Death, Hot Target, Chainfire, Alone

My favorite links:

My favorite reading snack:

Popcorn, peanut m & m's, tortilla chips with salsa and jalapeľo cheese dip.

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